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This article top of best office chairs for Tall Person in the UK is written by ergonomic experts.

As a tall individual, finding the right office chair can be quite a challenge. I’m sure many of you can relate to the discomfort of sitting in standard chairs, with our knees bent and our thighs awkwardly hanging off the edge of the seat.

It’s not just about aesthetics; spending long hours each day in such an anatomically incorrect position can have serious repercussions on our health and work performance.

With practical first-hand experience, I understand the frustrations of trying to find a suitable office chair when you’re tall.

I’ve been there myself, sitting on chairs that were clearly too small, with my legs extended beyond the seat’s front edge and my knees uncomfortably contracted.

It’s not just about appearances; long-term improper use of office chairs can lead to health issues and reduced productivity.

That’s why tall people’s ergonomic office chairs are helpful.

After weeks of tireless testing and searching, I can confidently share my findings and recommendations with you.

These specially designed chairs allow us to adjust our posture to better suit our individual body types. With the benefits of ergonomic office chairs, we can avoid the pitfalls of bad posture, back discomfort, and decreased efficiency.

Sitting correctly at a computer may seem like a minor detail, but its impact on our well-being and productivity is remarkable.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll be sharing important considerations for tall individuals when selecting an office chair.

Whether you’re looking for a chair for your home office or a corporate setting, I’ll provide recommendations for seat depth and height, empowering you to make an informed decision.

So, let’s put an end to the discomfort and embrace a chair that not only fits our height but also supports our well-being.

Together, we’ll discover the best office chairs for tall people available on the market, ensuring that we can work comfortably and efficiently, without compromising on our health. Let’s get started!

Top 8 Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Tall Person UK At A Glance

Best Tall Office Chairs in the UK with Buyer Ratings, Floor to Seat Height (cm), and Max User Height:

  1. SONGMICS (Recommend) – 90% buyer rating – Seat height: 47 to 57 cm – Max user height: 6 feet 6 inches – Available at a low price offer.
  2. MOOJIRS – 90% buyer rating – Seat height: Around 48 cm – Max user height: 6 feet 1 inch – Available at a low price offer.
  3. Dripex – 88% buyer rating – Seat height: 42 to 51 cm – Max user height: 6 feet 2 inches – Available at a low price offer.
  4. Duwinson – 86% buyer rating – Seat height: Around 48 cm – Max user height: 6 feet 1 inch – Available at a low price offer.
  5. RYANGEL – 92% buyer rating – Seat height: 47 to 57 cm – Max user height: 6 feet 2 inches – Available at a low price offer.
  6. Ximstar – 92% buyer rating – Seat height: 38 to 48 cm – Max user height: 6 feet 1 inch – Available at a low price offer.
  7. Cedric – 82% buyer rating – Seat height: 42 to 50 cm – Max user height: 6 feet 2 inches – Available at a low price offer.
  8. Ergo Sit – Seat height: 48 to 61 cm – Suitable for users over 7 feet tall – Available at a low price offer.

Explaining Tall

Defining “tall” might seem like a simple task, but it’s more subjective than you might think. So, let me share how we approach it in this guide.

For our purposes, we consider someone tall if they are taller than the average height around 5’9″ (182 cm).

If you’re 6 feet or taller, you’ve made the cut to be part of our list. And yes, this applies to me too—I’m 6’2″.

You see, everyone has their own idea of what tall means, and that’s why we decided to set a specific benchmark for this guide, particularly when it comes to office chairs. In the UK, the average height for men is about 5’9″, and for women, it’s around 5’3″.

The world is built around these average heights, and most people don’t have to worry about it too much. But for us taller folks, finding things that fit just right can be a challenge.

When I set out to buy a new office chair, I had to consider my height, just like you’re probably doing right now. It’s not just about the seat’s size, but also the backrest, armrests, and overall dimensions. Since we all come in different shapes and sizes, finding clothing or furniture that fits can be tricky for us tall individuals.

Measurement Of Max Seat Height

The maximum seat height is a crucial factor. I’ve experienced firsthand how many chairs lack enough adjustability to fit my long legs comfortably. It’s a constant struggle to find a chair that allows me to sit with my knees at a 90-degree angle and both feet firmly on the ground.

The chart below has been a lifesaver in helping me determine the ideal maximum seat height for my height. Based on our experience in matching individuals of different heights to office chairs, it provides a handy reference for finding the right fit. For example, if I am at 6’8″, I know I need a chair with a maximum height of 22″ or higher.

Tall Person HeightMaximum Floor To Seat Height (inches)Maximum Seat Height (centimeters)

But remember, this chart is just a general guideline since knee height can vary depending on factors like sex, race, and personal attributes. Nonetheless, it’s an invaluable tool, especially if you can’t measure a potential office chair’s height in person.

The thing is, using a chair that doesn’t cater to our tall stature can lead to uncomfortable seating positions, putting unnecessary strain on our lower back, hips, and thighs. And trust me, spending extended hours like this can cause real discomfort and suffering.

Remember to pay attention to the seat height. You can measure from the top of your knees to the bottom of your feet to figure out what kind of height adjustment you need. Alternatively, you can use your height as a reference point, as most of us are familiar with it. With the help of this chart, you’ll be well-equipped to find the perfect chair that supports your tall frame and ensures a more comfortable and productive workday.

Measurement Of Max Seat Depth

Our longer femur bones often make us more comfortable on chairs that are deeper than the standard ones. In my experience, a minimum seat depth of 19 inches or more is ideal, but what’s even better is a chair with depth adjustment that goes beyond that depth.

Longer femur bones are quite common among taller individuals, and with that additional length, we need a seat depth that can truly keep us comfortable throughout the day. That’s why we as ergonomic experts recommend a seat depth of at least 18 inches for us tall folks.

The seat depth is measured from the rear of the seat, where your butt will be positioned, to the very front of the chair seat, often featuring a waterfall front design.

Finding the right seat depth is essential to ensure that there’s an ideal distance of 2 to 4 inches between the edge of your seat and the back of your knees. This helps avoid any uncomfortable pressure on the back of your knees, which can be a common issue in regular chairs.

For an even better experience, I highly recommend a chair with adjustable seat depth and seat slide capability. This way, you can completely customize your seat position to perfectly fit your body, making those long hours at the desk much more comfortable and productive.

Measurement Of Backrest Height And Width

I recommend looking for a seat width of at least 16 inches to accommodate our larger frame. For those of us who are both tall and large, office chairs with a width of 19 inches or greater are even better.

While the height of the backrest might not seem crucial at first, it’s actually an important factor to consider.

Since everyone’s torso is different in size and shape, finding a backrest that supports the natural “S” curve of our spine is vital. It should also provide enough support for both our lower and upper back to reduce any potential stress on our spine and pelvis.

For taller individuals like us, chairs with taller backrests are usually a better fit, especially if we have a larger frame. The additional advantage of an adjustable backrest height is that we can customize it to perfectly fit our body, just like the seat slide feature.

Depending on the design of the chair’s headrest, you might need to measure your torso to ensure that the protruding portion aligns well with your cervical spine or the back of your head. A fixed headrest that is too low or too high can be quite uncomfortable.

Best Office Chair For Tall Person UK- Tried and Tested

Why you can trust Best Ergonomic Office Chairs UK: Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.


best office chair for tall person with back pain uk

SONGMICS OBG65BKUK is on the one of top choices for ergonomic tall person office chair with back pain. If you’re on the taller side, standing at 6’6″ or shorter, the SONGMICS chair is designed to meet your needs.

First off, the assembly process was manageable, although I did need a helping hand for one tricky stage. Once assembled, the chair gave the most impressive as compared to first impression in terms of packaging and some minor imperfections.

The SONGMICS chair’s parts felt solid and sturdy, giving me hope that it would stand the test of time with an adequate seat depth of 52 cm and 91 cm of headrest.

The real test was the comfort, and I must say, the Songmics ergonomic office chair for tall person did not disappoint. The slightly odd-shaped base took some getting used to, but once settled, I found the chair very comfortable during extended periods of sitting. Even after several hours at my desk, I didn’t experience the usual numbness in my thighs, which was a definite plus.

As a person with a longer torso, I found the backrest supportive up to my shoulder blades, promoting a natural and ergonomic sitting position. However, my shorter partner didn’t find the armrests and shoulder support in the right place, indicating that this chair might be better suited for taller individuals with longer backs.

view of our purchase songmics office chair for tall person our unboxing and testing experience

In terms of aesthetics, the chair has a black faux leather-ish look, resembling more of a gamer chair than an executive chair. While it may not be the most elegant option, the focus on comfort and functionality made up for it in my opinion.

Despite its reasonable price, I have to admit about the chair’s long-term durability but feels solid. The material used, while comfortable, does feel like it will last if properly cared. However, considering the price, I’m content with my purchase, even if I need to replace it after a few years.


best office chair for tall people

After testing the MOOJIRS tall Office Chair for about two weeks, let’s look at the following.

Let’s start with the good points. This chair has exceeded expectations, especially considering its affordable price. Its all mesh with a seat height maximum of 49 cm.

The build quality is impressive, and the chair feels sturdy and well-made. As a 6ft 2in person, I was pleased to find that the chair provided enough space and comfort for my tall frame. The numerous adjustments available in this chair made it easy to customize it to fit my body perfectly. The lumbar support, in particular, deserves a special mention as it is one of my favorite features, offering excellent comfort during long work hours.

Additionally, the mesh fabric used for the chair adds a touch of elegance and makes the chair feel airy and less dark, unlike traditional chairs. The adjustable headrest also received high praise from ergonomic experts, as it provided additional support for my neck.

3. Dripex

most comfortable office chair for tall person

With a maximum seat height of 52 cm, this ergonomic tall office chair remained suited for 6 feet 2 inches with a seat depth of 52 cm.

Let’s start with the positives. The Dripex chair offers excellent comfort and support, especially for the lower back and head. It has greatly improved sitting posture, and no longer experience discomfort even after working through long 12-hour shifts, which often involve answering calls. The lumbar support and headrest are standout features that contribute to the chair’s overall comfort.

The assembly of the chair was relatively straightforward, and the delivery was prompt, which was a plus. The build quality of the chair is commendable, and it feels sturdy and reliable. As a tall person weighing 85 kg, I was impressed with how effortlessly the chair supported my weight without any creaking or strain on its parts. See the picture below.

view of our purchase dripex ergonomic office chair for tall person our unboxing and testing experience

Additionally, the chair arrived with some minor damages, including scratches on the seat and legs, which was disappointing for a new product. This was the fault of the delivery boy.

4. Duwinson

most comfortable tall office chair

After thorough testing, share my personal perspective, highlighting both the praises and shortcomings of this chair. This duwinson is an affordable choice for a 6 feet or 185 cm tall person. Though it has a weight limitation with several plus points.

Starting with the positive aspects, the Duwinson Office Chair lives up to its description as a high-quality and durable chair. The mechanisms used are of good quality, and the 4D armrests, though not cushioned, provide a soft feel without being uncomfortably hard plastic. This feature was a significant advantage, as I didn’t need to purchase separate cushioning for the seat.

Assembly of the chair was a breeze, aided by clear picture-type instructions and all the necessary tools provided. The chair’s design is aesthetically pleasing, with a nice range of color options to choose from. The grey variant, in particular, blended well with my workspace, offering a refreshing change from the common black chairs. See the picture of the assembly.

view of our purchase duwinson office chair for tall person our unboxing and testing experience

The chair’s adjustability was a significant highlight for me. With multiple adjustment options for both the vertical and horizontal positions, It was easy to find a comfortable sitting posture that supported the back and neck. The recline feature and headrest provided additional comfort during breaks, making it easy to relax without leaving the chair.

However, there were some shortcomings that I encountered during my testing. One notable drawback was the lack of more height accommodation over 6 feet 1 inches for this specific model. This option facility would offer more sales and flexibility and customization for users like me.

While the chair overall provided good support, two users might find the seat a little hard, especially during extended sitting sessions.

Additionally, there was a minor issue with the chair’s height setting for all height users. As a tall person, the chair accommodated my height comfortably, but it might be too high for individuals below six feet, making it challenging for their feet to rest flat on the floor comfortably.


ergonomic tall office chair

Highlighting both the praises and shortcomings of this RYANGEL ergonomic tall office chair in the UK.

The RYANGEL Office Chair proved to be easy to build, and it offers excellent value for its price. Compared to other chairs, I found this chair to be an adequate option with a seat depth of 51 cm. As someone who tends to slouch on chairs, this chair’s design motivated me to sit upright, significantly improving my posture and overall comfort.

The assembly process was straightforward and hassle-free, taking only 10-15 minutes to put together the chair. This quick setup was a big plus, as I could start using the chair without any delay.

One of the happiest features of this chair is its exceptional comfort. The design and build of the chair provide a comfortable seating experience, making it an excellent replacement for my old leather office chair. The adjustability options, such as back tilt and height adjustment, were particularly helpful in finding the perfect sitting position for my needs.

I also appreciated the smooth and quiet movement of the chair’s casters. The wheels glided effortlessly, allowing move around my workspace without any disturbances. The neck holder at the top of the chair added an extra layer of support, which was beneficial during longer sitting sessions.

In terms of build quality, the RYANGEL Office Chair impressed me with its sturdiness and strength. The chair felt solid and capable of handling regular use without any issues. The overall design was sleek and charming, making it a visually appealing addition to my office space.

However, there were a few shortcomings that I noticed during my testing. It is not so cushioned as they prefer. Also only 2D armrest.

Additionally, the adjustability features, while comprehensive, may not cater to all users, especially those with specific ergonomic requirements. More personalized adjustability options, such as lumbar support adjustments, could have enhanced the chair’s overall ergonomics.

6. Ximstar

ergonomic tall desk chair

First and foremost, I must say that the Ximstar Office Chair is VERY comfortable up to a tall height of 6 feet 1 inches. The thick cushioning on the seat provides a level of comfort that surpasses any office chair I’ve used before.

Even during long working hours of 8 hours or more, I didn’t experience any discomfort. The chair’s back support is just enough to relax and lay back comfortably while providing support to my lower back and head.

The assembly process was quite easy and straightforward, taking me around 15 minutes to complete without any help. The clear instructions provided made the setup hassle-free.

The ergonomic design of the Ximstar chair is commendable. The mesh back support is ideal for hot summer days, as it keeps my back cool and prevents sweating. The chair’s height and horizontal adjustments were convenient for finding my ideal sitting position. Additionally, the armrests were adjustable in multiple directions, offering excellent support for my arms and wrists.

In terms of build quality, the chair felt sturdy and durable, capable of supporting my weight comfortably. The materials used were of good quality, and the overall design added a touch of sophistication to my office space.

Looking at the overall test experience, I am satisfied with the Ximstar Office Chair, considering its comfort and style. Despite the minor issue with the armrests especially not high enough for tall individuals seeking an ergonomic office chair. With its ease of assembly and impressive build quality, it is a comfortable chair for the workspace.

7. Cedric 

tall office chair for coccyx pain uk

Let’s start with the positives of Cedric’s office chair for Tall Person UK. The chair’s ergonomic design and mesh seat caught my attention. if you are someone who experiences coccyx pain while sitting for extended periods, this mesh seat would offer relief. I was pleased to find that the chair provided excellent lumbar support, significantly reducing tailbone pain as tested.

The chair’s assembly was straightforward, and it offered a good size, accommodating my height of 6’2″. The headrest reached the back of my head without any issues, providing additional support when needed. The mesh material struck a nice balance between strength, support, and comfort, making it ideal for long-term use.

However, there were some shortcomings. The armrests only had vertical adjustments, unlike some competitors with 4D adjustments, limiting their adaptability.

However, the adjustable seat depth of up to 5 cm makes it stand out among other ergonomic tall office chairs as tested.

The company was responsive in its after-sales support, providing replacement parts and offering a refund after the return period had ended.

Despite these shortcomings, the company’s customer service was commendable, but the chair’s durability issues were disappointing considering its cost. The chair served many customers well for two years, but the plastic support beams eventually failed just beyond the warranty period, leaving me with mixed feelings about its value.

8. Ergo Sit

tall office chair

First of all, the ergonomic design of this chair is helpful. The Ergo Sit chair is designed for rigorous 24-hour use, and it didn’t disappoint. The smooth seat height-adjustable gas strut allowed me to find the perfect height for my comfort, and it easily supported my weight of up to 27 stone.

The seat angle adjustment was a great feature, as it allowed me to find the ideal support for the back of my knees. Moreover, the simple backrest recline could be secured in any position, giving me the flexibility to lean back and relax when needed.

The adjustability of the armrests was a nice touch. While it might be challenging to get armrests to match the height of your office desk in some chairs, the Ergo Sit chair allowed modifying the height to my needs. I could also move the armrests forward for better support of wrists and elbows.

One of the appreciated features of this chair was the adjustable cushioned headrest. I could easily customize its height and tilt functions to keep the head and shoulders well-supported, reducing strain and discomfort during long working hours.

Additionally, If I ever felt that my lower back wasn’t getting the support it required, I could simply inflate the chair’s lower back to follow the curve of my spine, ensuring optimal comfort and posture.

Lastly, the freely independent backrest was a fantastic addition. Being able to raise or lower it according to my preference allowed me to fully customize my sitting experience.

Overall, the Ergo Sit High Back Office Chair can be an excellent choice for tall individuals.

How We Test

Testing tall office chairs involves several steps to ensure their suitability for tall individuals. First, we gather feedback and ergonomic data from tall users to understand their specific needs. Then, we assess the chair’s height range, seat depth, lumbar support, and headrest adjustments to accommodate taller individuals comfortably. Testers with varying heights evaluate the chair’s fit, making adjustments accordingly. We also conduct durability tests to assess the chair’s long-term performance. Throughout the process, we pay close attention to user feedback, making necessary modifications to enhance the chair’s overall design and comfort for tall users. The goal is to offer a reliable and ergonomic office chair that addresses the unique requirements of taller individuals.

Best Office Chair For Tall Person UK FAQ’s

  1. Why should I select an office chair with a high back?

    Choosing an office chair with a high back is crucial, especially for individuals who spend a lot of time sitting. High back office chairs provide extra support to your neck, shoulders, and upper back, making it easier to sit comfortably for extended periods. They are particularly beneficial for tall persons as they offer the necessary support that many standard office chairs may lack.

  2. What are the benefits of having a headrest in a high back office chair?

    Many of our high-back office chairs come with an adjustable headrest, offering additional comfort and support for your neck and upper back. An adjustable headrest helps alleviate strain and promotes better posture, making your sitting experience more comfortable and ergonomic.

  3. How do ergonomic features enhance the comfort of high back office chairs?

    High back office chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind to provide optimal support and comfort. Features such as adjustable lumbar support complement the high back, helping to maintain proper posture and reduce the risk of back problems. These ergonomic adjustments ensure that the chair can be customized to fit your body and work habits.

  4. What materials are available for high back office chairs?

    Our high back office chairs are available in a variety of materials, including leather, mesh, and fabric. Each material offers unique benefits in terms of breathability, durability, and style, allowing you to find the perfect chair that meets your preferences and requirements.

  5. How do high back office chairs encourage excellent posture?

    The design of a high back office chair naturally encourages excellent posture by providing comprehensive support for your back. The high backrest helps you avoid slouching, which is crucial in preventing back problems and maintaining a healthy sitting posture throughout the day.

  6. Are high back office chairs suitable for all users?

    High back office chairs are particularly suitable for tall individuals or those who need additional support for their upper back and neck. However, they can benefit anyone who spends long hours sitting, providing enhanced comfort and ergonomic support regardless of height.

  7. Can I find a high back office chair that matches my style and needs?

    Yes, at Ergonomic Chair Office, we offer a wide selection of high back office chairs in various styles and materials, including leather, mesh, and fabric. Whether you need a chair with specific ergonomic features or a particular aesthetic, you are sure to find an option that fits your needs and complements your workspace.

  8. What are some recommended office chair models for tall people?

    Some recommended office chair models for tall individuals include the Aeron chair by Herman Miller, Steelcase Gesture seats, and gaming chairs designed to accommodate larger or taller people. These chairs offer customizable settings and ergonomic support suitable for taller users.

  9. How can I ensure that an office chair is suitable for my height and proportions?

    To ensure that an office chair is suitable for your height and proportions, consider factors such as seat height, backrest height, seat depth, and adjustable components like armrests and lumbar support. Testing out chairs in person or reading comprehensive reviews from other tall users can also be helpful.

  10. Can I modify a standard office chair to better suit my height?

    Yes, you can modify a standard office chair to better suit your height by adding accessories such as taller gas lifts, adjustable armrests, and lumbar support cushions. However, it’s important to ensure that any modifications are compatible with the chair’s design and functionality.

  11. What are some common challenges faced by tall individuals when choosing office chairs?

    Tall individuals often face challenges such as inadequate back support, insufficient seat depth, and discomfort due to improper ergonomics in standard office chairs. Finding a chair that addresses these challenges and provides customized adjustments is key to ensuring comfort and productivity.

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