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As a short person, finding the perfect office desk chair can feel like an endless struggle. Most office chairs are designed to fit the average individual, but if you’re under 5’8″ for males or slightly under 5’3″ for women, you may have experienced the discomfort and frustration that comes with using a chair that just doesn’t suit your smaller stature.

I know this struggle all too well, as I’ve spent weeks tirelessly testing various office chairs, seeking the ideal fit for my petite frame.

The term “ergonomic chair” is often thrown around as a solution, but even these seemingly comfortable chairs can prove to be a source of aches and pains for short individuals like myself. The one-size-fits-all approach rarely caters to our specific needs, leading to discomfort and even potential health issues down the line.

Ergonomic considerations are crucial for everyone, but for short individuals, they become even more essential. A chair that is too deep might cause lower leg circulation problems, while a chair that is too high can hinder proper blood flow to the lower extremities.

It’s vital to find a chair with the right seat depth, height, seat pan width, and adjustable lumbar support to ensure a comfortable and healthy sitting posture.

Unfortunately, many office chairs on the market cater to people in the 5th to 95th percentile, leaving those of us in the shorter percentile struggling to find suitable options.

A petite person, standing at 5’2″ tall, falls into the 5th percentile, which means that most chairs simply don’t provide the proper fit.

In this blog post, I will be sharing my firsthand experiences and insights on some of the best office chairs available in the UK for short individuals.

I’ve put these chairs to the test, considering their dimensions, adjustability, and overall comfort to help my fellow petite individuals make an informed decision when investing in an office chair that caters to their unique needs.

Top 10 Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Short (Petite) Persons UK At a Glance

  1. SIHOO M76 (Recommend) – 84% satisfaction rating – Seat height: 16.7 to 20.2 inches – Available at a price offer.
  2. Hbada Size A – 82% satisfaction rating – Seat height: 16 to 19.75 inches – Available at a low price offer.
  3. COMHOMA – 82% satisfaction rating – Seat height: 16.50 to 20.86 inches – Available at a low price offer.
  4. BASETBL (Recommend) – 90% satisfaction rating – Seat height: 14.17 to 18.11 inches – Available at a low price offer.
  5. YOUTASTE – 94% satisfaction rating – Seat height: 17.7 to 22 inches – Available at a low price offer.
  6. Kerdom – 88% satisfaction rating – Seat height: 14.17 to 17.11 inches – Available at a low price offer.
  7. Devoko – 82% satisfaction rating – Seat height: 15 to 18.8 inches – Available at a low price offer.
  8. Herman Miller Size A – 84% satisfaction rating – Seat height: 15 to 19.9 inches – Available at a price offer.
  9. Techo Sidiz – 84% satisfaction rating – Seat height: 15 to 19 inches – Available at a price offer.
  10. Exofcer – 80% satisfaction rating – Seat height: 15.5 to 20 inches – Available at a price offer.

Lower Seat Height

Ideally, a chair that can be adjusted to around 18 inches or even lower works best. Most office chairs have a seat height range of 18 to 22 inches, so it’s essential to look for one that can go as low as 18 inches to ensure comfort and proper posture.

Now, don’t get me wrong, seat depth is also essential for us short folks. But the good news is, it’s easier to work around a chair that might not go as low as we need. In such cases, using a footrest can make all the difference, allowing us to achieve that perfect sitting position with our feet flat on the ground.

Taking into account the thickness of my shoes, I could figure out the proper seat pan height that worked for me. It’s amazing how a few inches can make such a significant impact on comfort and support.

After some research, I found that a typical office chair has a height ranging from 17 to 22 inches. For us short individuals, the sweet spot is around 18 inches or lower. This ensures that we can sit comfortably, with our feet resting firmly on the ground, promoting better posture and reducing strain on our bodies.

Remember, it’s essential to choose a chair with a seat height less than 18 inches if you’re on the shorter side. If the chair comes with a movable footrest, even better, as it provides that extra flexibility in achieving the perfect fit.

To give you a better idea, if you’re around 5 feet 2 inches in height (153.48 cm), a seat height as low as 14 inches will allow your feet to rest flat on the floor comfortably. Similarly, a height of 15 inches would be more suitable for someone around 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Smaller Seat Depth

I’ve noticed that when a chair’s seat pan is too deep, it can cause circulation issues, especially in my sensitive inner thighs. With my feet hanging off the ground, the pressure on my thighs becomes uncomfortable and distracting during long hours of work. That’s why I highly recommend looking for an office chair with a seat depth of around 18 inches or less.

Adjustability is key when it comes to finding the perfect fit, so having a chair with depth adjustment options is incredibly helpful. To determine the ideal seat depth for me, I measured the distance between the ends of my buttocks and inner thighs in a sitting posture. This helped me figure out the optimal seat depth that allows for proper circulation and comfort.

An important tip I learned is to ensure there’s a 2-inch gap between the back of my knees and the chair’s seat. This small space at the end of the seat prevents any obstruction to the blood flow in my thighs, making a world of difference in how I feel during long hours of sitting.

Many standard office chairs have seat depths ranging from 17 to 18 inches, which can be too much for shorter individuals like me. That’s why it’s essential to seek out chairs with smaller seat depths, preferably 16 inches or less, especially if you’re 5 feet 6 inches or shorter.

One great option I found is chairs with adjustable seat depths that can go as low as 15 inches. This level of customization is fantastic for ensuring a perfect fit and a more comfortable sitting experience. For instance, a seat depth of 16 inches or less would be an excellent match for someone around 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Lumbar And Fully Adjustable Armrest

Having proper lumbar support is essential for maintaining a healthy sitting posture and avoiding back pain. I made sure to choose an office chair with an adjustable backrest, allowing me to customize the lumbar support to suit my specific needs. This feature is pretty helpful, as it keeps my lower back well-supported throughout long hours of work, promoting better comfort and reducing strain.

When it comes to armrests, I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to have fully adjustable ones. It might seem like a small detail, but being able to customize the armrests to fit my body perfectly has been incredibly beneficial. Especially for shorter individuals like me, having armrests that can be adjusted in height and breadth is a game-changer.

Standard office chairs often have armrest lengths of around 17 to 18 inches, which may not be ideal for us. That’s why I recommend seeking chairs with armrest differences of 16 inches or less for a better fit.

In my experience, having narrower armrests, around 13 inches, has been a perfect match for my shorter frame. This ensures that my neck and shoulders don’t strain and that I have ample space to move comfortably.

Moreover, soft cushioning in the armrests is preferable over firm padding. Not only does it increase overall comfort, but it also reduces the risk of pain and pressure on my arms during extended sitting sessions.

Recline Tilt

Two features that also have made a significant difference in my comfort are back height and forward tilt.

Having the ability to adjust the backrest’s height ensures that I get the right level of support for my spine’s natural curve. This not only provides comfort but also promotes stability, allowing me to sit for longer periods without feeling strained.

Another critical feature for me is the forward tilt adjustment. It’s essential for preventing the need to awkwardly balance on the edge of the seat, which can put unnecessary strain on my lower back. With a forward tilt option, I can tilt the backrest slightly forward, usually around 5 to 15 degrees, to find that perfect balance of support and comfort. This slight tilt alleviates pressure on my lower back and helps me maintain a healthier sitting posture.

Top 10 Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Short (Petite) Persons UK: Tried and Tested

Why you can trust Best Ergonomic Office Chairs UK: Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

1. SIHOO M76

adjustable office chair for short person

After trying out the SIHOO M76 best adjustable Office Chair for short person, I found some praises and shortcomings that I’d like to share.

One of the standout features of the SIHOO M76 is its sleek and contemporary design, making it a perfect fit for any office or home workspace. The chair’s ability to remain compact, even when fully extended, was a huge plus for me, as it doesn’t take up too much space in my smaller workspace.

When it comes to lumbar support, the SIHOO M76 does a commendable job. It provides appropriate lumbar support, which helps maintain a healthy posture and prevents discomfort during long periods of sitting.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the armrests differ by 18.9 inches, similar to a conventional office chair. While this may be suitable for some, I personally found the armrest function to be a bit lacking and not up to my standards for complete adjustability.

view of our purchase sihoo m76 office chair for petite short person our unboxing and testing experience

The chair is constructed with a lighter, smaller frame, making it ideal for petite individuals like myself.

Overall, the SIHOO M76 does offer reasonable comfort and quality for a short person like me. However, I must emphasize that it is satisfactory in terms of overall quality.

2. Hbada

best office chair for short person uk

The Hbada petite person office chair’s specifications seemed promising, with a seat width of 19.25 inches and a seat depth of 19 inches, but I soon discovered both praises and shortcomings during my testing.

Upon receiving the chair, I was immediately drawn to its sleek and modern design, making it a visually appealing addition to my workspace.

One of the standout features of this chair is its extraordinarily low seat height of 16 inches, which is perfect for shorter individuals like me. The chair met my need for a lower seat height that allows me to work comfortably at my desk, keeping my feet firmly on the ground.

Assembling the chair was a breeze, and I appreciated the clear instructions provided. The chair’s space-saving flippable arms also caught my attention as they neatly fit under my desk, allowing me to work closer to my desk surface while maintaining ergonomics.

The backrest of the Hbada chair provided adequate support, and the mesh material was a lifesaver during hotter days, as it allowed for good air circulation and prevented overheating.

It only allows for a maximum of 120 degrees of tilt rather than 135 degrees.


  • Low seat height ideal for short individuals
  • Sleek design and quality materials
  • Mesh back for better air circulation


  • Required Assembly


office chair for short person

With a seat width of 18.70 inches and a seat depth of 19 inches, I hoped it would cater to my needs. Here’s my personal perspective, describing both praises and shortcomings based on my testing.

One of the notable features of the Comhoma Office Chair is its waterfall design, which works well for individuals between 5′ 2″ and 5′ 5″ tall. This was a significant advantage for me, as it provided the right level of support for my height. Additionally, the chair’s reasonable price made it an appealing choice for those seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.

The flip-up armrest feature stood out to me, as it allowed me to conveniently store the chair under my desk, saving space in my home office. The breathable mesh back also contributed to the chair’s comfort, providing support and preventing me from getting overheated during long work sessions.

view of our purchase comhoma office chair for short person our unboxing and testing experience

Another downside was the chair’s overall sturdiness served its purpose for individuals of smaller stature like me, it may not be as suitable for taller or heavier individuals.

In terms of assembly, I managed to assemble the chair relatively easily.

Overall, I found the Comhoma Office Chair for short person to be a reasonably priced option that offers good value and comfort for short individuals during sitting periods.


  • Waterfall design suitable for short individuals
  • Flip-up armrests save space
  • Breathable mesh back for comfort


  • Less sturdy compared to its higher-end models


office chair for short person with back pain

The basetbl chair for a petite person’s adjustable seat height, ranging from 14.17 to 18.11 inches, was one of the features that caught my attention to mitigate my back pain. This range allowed me to find the perfect height for my shorter stature, ensuring that my feet could comfortably rest on the floor while seated.

The overall dimension of the chair, 23.62 x 27.56 x (36.02-40.35) inches, provided a compact and space-saving solution for my small home office.

Assembly of the chair was a breeze, and I was able to do it on my own without any difficulty. The clear instructions included in the package made the process straightforward. Once assembled, the chair offered good back support, which was an improvement over my previous chair.

The chair’s lumbar support was adjustable, allowing me to raise or lower it slightly to suit my comfort. However, I would have preferred more customization options in this aspect. Despite this, the chair served my needs well, especially during 2-3 hours of daily usage.

One aspect that impressed me was the chair’s comfort level. Despite my initial apprehension due to my back problems, I found the chair to be super comfortable. I could easily spend several hours on it without experiencing any discomfort.

Overall, the BASETBL office chair proved to be a good value option for a short petite person like me. Its ease of assembly, back support, and ergonomic design made it a suitable choice for my needs.


  • Adjustable seat height suitable for shorter individuals
  • Compact dimensions for small home offices
  • Easy assembly process with clear instructions
  • Good back support and adjustable lumbar support


  • Limited customization options.


best office chair for short fat person

I tried out the YOUTASTE Office Chair, hoping it would provide the comfort and support I require during long hours of work.

The chair’s dimensions seemed promising for someone of my stature, with a total height ranging from 81 to 93cm and a seat height of 44.5 to 56.5cm. Its compact size, with a total width of 50cm and total depth of 49cm, was suitable for smaller spaces like my home office.

Assembling the chair was a breeze, and the instructions provided were clear and straightforward. Once assembled, the chair had a nice and stylish appearance, which complemented my workspace.

However, there were some drawbacks that I noticed during my testing. The chair lacks armrests, which would have added extra comfort during prolonged use.

While the chair’s hydraulic lift functioned smoothly, the cushioning on the seat was good as I would have liked. For longer sitting sessions, I found it slightly enough cushiony compared to other office chairs I have used.

Overall, the YOUTASTE Office Chair is a good option for individuals seeking a compact and stylish chair for smaller spaces.


  • Compact dimensions suitable for smaller spaces
  • Stylish appearance
  • Sturdy construction with a high load weight capacity


  • Without armrest


office desk chair for short person

The best office desk chair for short person dimensions seemed promising for someone of my stature, with an adjustable height and a design that allows the armrests to lift up, making it easy to push the chair right into the desk at the end of the day. This feature is especially helpful in maximizing space in my small office area.

During the testing, I found the chair to be comfortable and supportive, especially for short periods of work. The ability to raise the arms was a bonus, as it allowed me to find a comfortable seating position. The seat cushion was of perfect size for my short legs, reducing the need to sit forward to be comfortable.

Overall, the Kerdom Office Chair proved to be a sturdy and practical option for short and petite individuals, offering decent comfort and design features to enhance the overall workspace experience.


  • Comfortable and well-designed chair
  • Armrests can be lifted up to save space
  • Sturdy construction and adjustable height


  • Not so enhanced.

7. Devoko

home office chair for short person

Devoko is the best home office chair for short person and is specifically designed for individuals between 4 feet 9 and 5 feet 7 inches.

During my testing, I found the chair’s dimensions to be well-suited for a short person like me. The seat width and depth provided a comfortable sitting experience, and the chair’s height from the floor was just right for my stature. The armrests were appropriately low, offering the right amount of support.

The assembly process was straightforward, and I appreciated the chair’s easy setup, which is great for those who may not be experienced with tools. Once assembled, the chair felt solid and sturdy, and it offered a comfortable height to sit in.

I particularly liked the chair’s foldable armrests and breathable mesh, which not only saved space but also reduced the chances of experiencing backaches during prolonged use. The back of the chair was shorter than usual, which was ideal for my petite frame.

For short individuals like me who do not use the chair for extended periods, the Devoko Office Chair is a suitable option. It offers comfort, style, and space-saving features, making it a valuable addition to my workspace.

However, I must point out that this chair may not be the best choice for individuals of normal height. It may lack the stability and comfort required for taller users.

Overall, the Devoko Office Chair is a great option for short and petite individuals who need a well-designed and space-saving office chair. The positive customer reviews from the UK further reinforce the chair’s cozy, reliable, and back-supportive features.


  • Well-suited dimensions for short individuals
  • Foldable armrests and breathable mesh for space-saving and back support
  • Easy assembly process


  • May not offer enough stability and comfort for taller users

8. Herman Miller Size A

best office chair for short heavy person

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair in Size A caught my attention, and I decided to put it to the test.

This best office chair for short heavy person comes in three sizes, and Size A is specifically designed for shorter individuals like me, with a height range of 4’10” to 5’9″. The seat depth is just 16 inches, which might seem small, but it actually worked perfectly for me. The seat height range of 15 to 19 inches was highly beneficial, and I found it to be an excellent fit.

The chair’s adjustable features allowed me to customize the armrest and backrest for optimal comfort. The individual backrest pads provided ample lumbar support, promoting a healthier seated posture. The high-tech mesh and fabric design with eight distinct stress zones ensured proper support and temperature control, even for my smaller frame.

The Aeron Chair may have a higher price tag compared to other office chairs, but it’s worth considering the 12-year manufacturer’s warranty and the overall comfort it offers. I believe it’s a worthwhile investment for those seeking long-lasting comfort backed by years of engineering expertise.

The chair’s reclining motion is exceptionally comfortable, and the arm adjustment range was perfect for shorter individuals like me. However, some users might find the lack of adjustable seat depth a downside.


  • Ideal for short and petite individuals
  • Customizable armrest and backrest for added comfort
  • High-tech mesh design with eight stress zones
  • Excellent reclining motion


  • Non-adjustable seat depth
  • Higher price compared to some office chairs

9. Techo Sidiz

best ergonomic office chair for short person with back pain

The Techo Sidiz T50 best office chair for short person with back pain turned out to be an excellent choice for those with smaller frames like mine.

The chair’s fully adjustable features allowed me to find the perfect height and seat depth to support my back and waist comfortably. With a seat height range of 15 to 19 inches, it was just right for my shorter legs, ensuring that my feet stayed firmly on the ground without any discomfort.

One of the standout features of the Sidiz T50 is its forward tilting function, which significantly reduced strain and pain on my thighs and hips while seated. The waterfall seat edge was also beneficial in improving circulation and reducing any pressure on my legs.

The chair’s sliding seat adjustment was particularly appreciated, as it allowed me to customize the depth to 18.3 inches, making it ideal for individuals under 5 feet tall.

The Sidiz T50 comes at an affordable price and offers excellent value for money compared to other high-end office chairs like the Aeron chair. However, I did find the seat cushion to be a bit firm, which might not suit everyone’s preferences. Additionally, the fabric used for the chair may not be to everyone’s taste.

One aspect to consider is that the rolling caster works best on carpeted surfaces, and it might not be as smooth on hard floors.

Overall, the Techo Sidiz T50 is a great mid-range ergonomic office chair for back pain for shorter individuals. Its adjustable features, forward tilting function, and supportive design make it a worthwhile option. While the cushioning might not be the softest, it still provides comfortable seating for moderate periods.


  • Fully adjustable with a sliding seat feature
  • Forward tilting function for reduced strain
  • Suitable for individuals with smaller frames
  • Affordable alternative to higher-priced chairs


  • Firm seat cushioning might not suit everyone
  • Rolling caster might not be smooth on hard floors

10. Exofcer

most comfortable office chair for short person

Firstly, the assembly process was manageable, but I would recommend having someone else help you with it, as certain parts may require an extra hand. Once the chair was fully assembled, I noticed that the seat width and depth were on the smaller side, which is perfect for someone like me.

One great feature of this chair is its adjustable height range, which goes from 15 to 19 inches. This height range worked well for me and allowed my feet to rest comfortably on the ground while sitting at my desk.

I appreciated the simple and straightforward design of the chair, which blended well with my office setting. The chair’s price was also quite reasonable, making it a good value for the money.

On the downside, the chair may not be the most suitable option for bigger individuals, as it is better suited for shorter people like me.

Overall, the Exofcer Office Chair is a decent option for short and petite individuals seeking a functional and budget-friendly office chair. It served my needs well during moderate sitting sessions, and I was satisfied with its overall performance.


  • Adjustable height range suitable for short individuals
  • Simple and stylish design
  • Reasonable price for the value


  • Not the best option for bigger individuals

How We Test

To test short office chairs, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation focusing on key factors crucial for petite individuals. We selected a diverse range of office chairs designed for shorter users and performed hands-on tests. Our team of short individuals rigorously assessed each chair’s seat height, seat depth, lumbar support, armrest adjustability, and recline tilt. We analyzed how well each chair accommodated different heights, evaluated comfort during extended sitting periods, and noted any strain on the back, neck, and shoulders. Through realistic scenarios, we gauged overall fit, ergonomics, and user satisfaction. The findings informed our recommendations, ensuring accurate guidance for short individuals seeking the perfect office chair.

Best Office Chair For Short Person UK: FAQ’s

  1. What makes an office chair suitable for a short person?

    An office chair designed for a short person is specifically tailored for individuals with lower stature or smaller frames. These chairs, often referred to as petite or small ergonomic chairs, feature adjustments to accommodate the needs of smaller users, such as a smaller seat size, adjustable seat depth to prevent perching, and reduced width of the seat and backrest.

  2. How can I determine if I need a small office chair?

    While many ergonomic chairs offer extensive adjustment options, it’s important to ensure that the chair can be adjusted to fit your specific frame size. Taking measurements and considering factors like seat depth, backrest support, and gas lift height can help determine if a small chair is necessary. You can also use our “Chair Builder” chart tool on ergonomic to find chairs tailored to your frame and size.

  3. What are the key features of an office chair for short individuals?

    Office chairs for short individuals typically include a smaller seat size, adjustable seat depth to prevent perching, reduced width of the seat and backrest, and a lower gas lift option to allow comfortable feet placement on the floor. These features ensure proper ergonomic support and comfort for smaller users.

  4. Why is it important for short individuals to use a chair that fits their frame?

    Using a chair that fits your frame is crucial for maintaining proper posture, preventing discomfort or strain, and promoting overall comfort during long hours of sitting. A chair designed for short individuals provides optimal support and ergonomics tailored to their specific needs.

  5. How can I find the right office chair for my height and frame in the UK?

    You can find the right office chair for your height and frame by considering factors such as seat size, seat depth, backrest support, and gas lift height adjustment. Our “Chair Builder” chart tool can guide you in selecting chairs that match your frame, size, and physical characteristics for a comfortable seating experience.

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