Best Office Chair For Back Pain UK: Rejoice Relief Solution!

This article on the topic of the best office chairs for back pain in the UK is written by ergonomic experts.

Are you one of the many individuals who suffer from back pain due to long hours of sitting at your desk? If so, you’re not alone. Back discomfort affects one in every three individuals in the UK, often exacerbated by poor sitting habits. Fortunately, there is a practical solution to alleviate this agony: investing in the best office chair for back pain.

In today’s dynamic working environment, where hybrid work arrangements are increasingly common, and office workers spend several hours a day seated, the significance of a supportive and ergonomic office chair cannot be overstated. Recognizing the importance of finding the right chair, we have thoroughly evaluated and tested various ergonomic office thrones and back pain chairs to assist you in making an informed decision.

Our selection process focused on prioritizing comfort, support, and adaptability while taking into consideration style and value for money. The result? A meticulously curated list of office chairs that not only enhance your home office aesthetics but also contribute to your overall well-being.

With approximately 38% of UK employees adopting hybrid work models and around 80% of office workers spending prolonged 9 hours sitting, the quality of your office chair can significantly impact your health and productivity. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you find the best office chair that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Our helpful buying guide will walk you through all the essential aspects to consider before making your purchase. Additionally, we’ve included posture and back pain alleviation tips from Gary Jones, clinic director at Physio 206, to further assist you in maintaining optimal back health.

In the sections below the shopping guide, you’ll find mini-reviews of our favorite chairs, where we highlight their unique features and relative strengths. We take pride in using and evaluating the finest office chairs for back pain as we believe they can genuinely make a positive difference in your life.

Experts in the field also concur with our sentiments, emphasizing the significance of investing in an ergonomically designed chair for individuals who spend prolonged hours working at a desk.

Throughout the selection process, we carefully assessed build quality, adjustability, and support in each chair, ensuring that only the best options made it to our list. Our team spent considerable time with each chair to provide you with detailed and well-informed reviews.

Let’s begin our first-hand experience walkthrough review alongside recent buyer sayings.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Back Pain In a Quick View

Back Pain Office ChairsBuyer Satisfaction RatingsStores
SIHOO M18 Affordable Budget
90%Low Price Offer
Herman Miller Sayl 88%Low Price Offer
Dripex X Cheap For Back Pain88%Low Price Offer
Herman Miller Aeron90%Low Price Offer
Flexispot Home Office Chair92%Low Price Offer
 HAG Capisco Puls Chair84%Current Price
M90 Ergonomic Upper Back Pain89%Low Price Offer

Effective Ways to Alleviate Back Pain On An Office Chair

It’s not just about having a comfortable and well-designed chair; I’ve come to realize that taking care of my back requires a proactive approach. I recently sought advice from Gary Jones, a physiotherapist and clinic director at Physio 206, who shared valuable insights on improving spinal health.

Gary’s first piece of advice resonated with me deeply: there is no such thing as perfect posture. Whether I find myself slumped or sitting upright, the key lies in keeping my back in motion. Our bodies are designed to move, and maintaining a dynamic posture throughout the day can make a significant difference in reducing back stiffness and discomfort.

To put this advice into action, I decided to set an alarm on my phone to remind me to move every 30-45 minutes. This simple yet effective technique ensures that I don’t remain sedentary for extended periods. Whether it’s rotating my neck and upper body from side to side or adjusting my lower back by sitting up and slumping down, these regular movements help promote better spinal health.

Implementing this routine remained helpful to me. I’ve noticed a considerable improvement in my overall comfort while working. Taking short breaks to walk around the room has also become a refreshing habit. Not only does it provide relief to my back, but it also rejuvenates my mind, allowing me to return to my tasks with renewed focus.

As I delved deeper into the subject, I discovered several studies that highlighted the importance of changing positions frequently throughout the workday. Research suggests that altering positions around 40 times a day can significantly reduce the strain on the back and enhance overall well-being.

Back Support

To guide me in this process, I turned to the expertise of Gary, a seasoned physiotherapist and trusted source. Gary emphasized the significance of an adjustable lumbar support, specifically positioned between the lower back and the thoracic spine, at the base of the rib cage. This targeted support is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing back pain while sitting. The lumbar support stimulates the lower back to perform flexion and extension motions, helping to ease discomfort caused by prolonged sitting.

I also learned that one’s natural resting posture while sitting or standing can influence the type of lumbar support needed. Gary explained that different individuals may have distinct postural types. For those with a more pronounced curvature in the lower back, overly evident lumbar support may not be suitable. On the other hand, if one has a ‘flat’ lower back, lumbar support can prove highly beneficial.

Gary offered a valuable piece of advice – before deciding on a specialized chair, it’s essential to seek counsel from a reputable healthcare practitioner, such as a physiotherapist. An assessment of one’s specific back problems can help determine the most suitable type of chair and back support.

Guidelines For Comfortable Sitting Posture

While Gary, the physiotherapist, emphasizes the significance of regular movement and overall lifestyle habits for spinal health, he also shared some simple yet valuable advice on achieving an ergonomically efficient workstation setup.

To ensure comfort during extended periods of sitting, Gary suggested considering a few key factors. First, it’s essential to evaluate the screen setup. Is the top 20% of the screen aligned with your eye level without tilting your head up or down? Ensuring the screen is within arm’s reach, whether sitting or using a standing desk, can also enhance your sitting experience.

Another crucial aspect is the alignment of your shoulders and elbows when typing. Ideally, they should rest at 90 degrees, promoting a relaxed and natural position. Furthermore, paying attention to the position of your hips in relation to your knees while comfortably seated in your chair is essential. Your hips should be slightly above your knees for optimal comfort and support.

Lastly, ensuring that your feet are firmly touching the ground is crucial for maintaining stability and preventing strain on your legs and back.

As I implemented these guidelines into my own workstation setup, I noticed a remarkable difference in my overall comfort and posture. Making small adjustments to the seat depth, chair tilt, seat height, and armrest position significantly improved my sitting experience.


While there are pleasant and well-built chairs available at various price points, I have learned that more expensive chairs generally offer better build quality. However, it is essential to find a balance between comfort and budget. You don’t have to break the bank by opting for four-figure designer chairs just to experience comfort—although they may undoubtedly provide luxurious seating.

In my quest for the perfect office chair, I discovered that there are plenty of options available to suit different budgets. The key is to prioritize comfort and functionality without necessarily overspending. The market offers a variety of chairs that can cater to your specific needs, ensuring that you find one that aligns with both your comfort requirements and budget constraints.

As I considered various options, I found that some mid-range office chairs provided an excellent blend of comfort, durability, and affordability. These chairs have proven to be effective in relieving back pain without requiring an extravagant investment.

Best Office Chair For Back Pain: Tried And Tested

Why you can trust Best Ergonomic Office Chairs UK: Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

1. SIHOO M18 Affordable Budget Office chair UK For Back Pain

sihoo m18 affordable budget office chair uk for back pain

After extensive testing and evaluation for several weeks, the SIHOO M18 Ergonomic Home Office Chair for back pain is a true gem in the budget-friendly category.

Despite being from a lesser-known company, this chair offers excellent support and sturdiness, making it a worthy competitor even when compared to higher-priced Herman Miller products.

The SIHOO M18 comes with several optional additions, such as ‘upgraded rollerblade wheels’ and an adjustable footrest, which enhance its overall functionality and comfort. The chair’s dimensions are well-suited for most users, with a width of 70cm, a seat height range of 43-53cm, and an overall height of 130cm. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a generous 3-year guarantee, adding to its appeal.

One aspect that caught my attention is the overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers on Amazon. The M18 has garnered a substantial number of reviews, and most of them speak highly of its comfort and support. This is a clear testament to the chair’s effectiveness in providing relief for those dealing with back discomfort.

See the picture below of our first-hand experience.

view of sihoo m18 affordable budget office chair uk for back pain our unboxing package arrival home office

During testing, we found that M18 is built with durable plastic and a robust aluminum alloy, the SIHOO M18 incorporates an ergonomically contoured seat and a curved mesh backrest. This design not only promotes excellent posture but also ensures adequate ventilation, preventing discomfort due to heat buildup during prolonged sitting sessions.

Another standout feature of the SIHOO M18 is its adjustability. With adjustable seat height, headrest, armrests, back tilt, and lumbar support, this chair offers a level of customization that is rare to find at such an affordable price point. As someone who values flexibility in a chair, this was a significant selling point for me.

Overall, after thorough testing and considering the positive feedback from other users, I can confidently recommend the SIHOO M18 Ergonomic Home Office Chair as an excellent budget-friendly option for those seeking relief from back pain.

2. Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair For Lower Back Pain And Hip Pain

herman miller sayl office chair for lower back pain and hip pain

For the best solution for lower back and hip pain relief, I must say that the Herman Miller Sayl stands out as an eye-catching and ergonomically efficient piece of office furniture. Designed by Swiss industrial designer Yves Behar, this chair draws inspiration from suspension bridges, notably the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Its frameless curving backrest and mesh-webbing create a visually appealing design that adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace.

With a price tag of around £500, the Herman Miller Sayl falls within the upper mid-range for office chairs. While it may seem like a significant investment, considering other Herman Miller products, the Sayl is a reasonably priced option. The mesh backrest, although emphasizing form, conceals a pleasantly supportive feel, and it offers superior ventilation compared to traditional backrests.

In terms of adjustability, the Herman Miller Sayl impresses with its multiple settings. You can customize the seat height, seat depth, tilt tension, tilt limiter, and even utilize a forward tilt function, particularly useful for those who use laptops extensively. For added features such as lumbar support and armrest customization, as well as various color options, the “create your own Sayl” website offers further personalization at an extra cost.

During testing, I found the Herman Miller Sayl to be a perfect balance of workmanship, style, and ergonomic design. The vented elastomer backrest, composed of strands with varying thickness and tension, provided excellent support and comfort while ensuring proper air circulation. The ability to adjust the armrests, seat height, and seat depth allowed me to tailor the chair to my specific comfort needs.

Overall, the Sayl offered a refreshing alternative to the more expensive Herman Miller options, without compromising on quality. Its sleek and quirky design, inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, added a unique touch to my workspace while providing exceptional spinal support.

3. Dripex X Cheap Office Chair For Back Pain

dripex x cheap office chair for back pain

The Dripex X Cheap Office Chair, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. This chair offers excellent features at an affordable price, making it a budget-friendly option for those seeking relief from back pain.

One notable aspect of the Dripex X chair is its sturdy build. The armrests, although made of plastic, offer solid support, ensuring comfort during extended periods of use. The seat and backrest are impressively comfortable, allowing for a cozy sitting experience.

The chair comes with a headrest, but I found it more comfortable without it. However, the flexibility to customize the setup according to personal preference is a plus.

The reclining feature of the Dripex X chair is noteworthy, providing an adjustable lean back angle that feels solid and stable without any rickety movements. It’s a useful function, especially for those using laptops for work.

One thing that caught my attention was the excellent customer service offered by the company. In case of any issues, they were prompt in resolving problems and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The Dripex X chair offers adjustable settings for seat height, seat depth, tilt tension, tilt limiter, back tilt, and armrest height. These customization options allow users to find their most comfortable position, contributing to a more ergonomic and supportive sitting experience.

Assembling the chair was relatively easy and straightforward, requiring minimal effort. Once set up, the chair felt robust and well-made, providing a comfortable and reliable seating solution.

Overall, the Dripex X Cheap Office Chair proves to be a pleasant surprise for its price range.

4. Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair For Back Problems

herman miller aeron office chair for back problems

Talking about the Herman Miller Aeron, it’s safe to say that this chair lives up to its reputation as the best ergonomic chair in the market.

The Aeron’s design is a timeless classic, introduced back in 1994 and remastered in 2016 with only minor changes over the years. It is a statement piece, a work of art that complements any home office setting. During my 12 weeks of using it as my primary work seat, I found it to be the most comfortable, supportive, and elegant chair I’ve ever experienced.

From a practical perspective, the Aeron excels in providing excellent spinal support and comfort. Its breathable mesh fabric seat and backrest, along with vinyl armrests (upgradeable to leather cushions), contribute to a solid and comfortable sitting experience.

The chair offers a wide range of adjustable settings for back comfort, including seat height, seat depth, backrest tilt, tilt tension, adjustable arms, and the unique “PostureFitSL,” allowing you to customize the tightness of the chair’s spinal support. With some experimenting and adjustments, you can find a highly comfortable and supportive posture that keeps your spine well-aligned and pain-free throughout the day.

The Aeron’s dimensions and load capacity are suitable for a wide range of users, making it accommodating for various body sizes. Its warranty period of 12 years reflects Herman Miller’s confidence in the chair’s durability and performance.

While the Aeron does come with a hefty price tag, it’s worth considering it as an investment in both comfort and design. It has earned its place as one of the most famous pieces of modern American furniture, even finding a spot in the permanent collection at MoMA.

Compared to other chairs for back problems, the Herman Miller Aeron takes the top spot on our list due to its exceptional comfort, support, and iconic design. While other chairs offer numerous adjustments, the Aeron’s limited adjustments in the ‘entry-level’ model I tested felt just right, reflecting Herman Miller’s expertise in providing optimal comfort and support.

Overall, if you seek an office chair that combines stunning design with unrivaled functionality and comfort, the Herman Miller Aeron is the perfect choice for addressing back problems and creating a visually appealing workspace.

5. flexispot Home Office Chair For Lower Back Pain

flexispot home office chair for lower back pain

If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching office chair, the Flexispot ergonomic chair might just be the perfect choice for you. It’s Game Boy grey appearance and 80s throwback aesthetic make it stand out from other chairs on the market.

When it comes to ergonomic features, the Flexispot chair doesn’t disappoint. It comes with adjustable lumbar support and a comfortable heat rest, ensuring that you stay supported and comfortable during long hours of sitting. We tested this chair for six weeks and found it to be highly supportive and pleasant to sit on.

The sliding lumbar support is a great addition, allowing you to customize the chair’s fit to your specific needs. However, it’s worth noting that the armrests could be more adjustable, which might be a drawback for some users.

We scored the Flexispot chair three and a half stars due to its appearance, which, while unique and stylish, might not be to everyone’s liking. But if you appreciate the aesthetic and value ergonomic features, this chair is an excellent option.

Overall, the Flexispot Home Office Chair offers a blend of style and comfort, making it a distinctive and attractive choice for those seeking relief from lower back pain. If the appearance appeals to you and you don’t mind the fixed armrests, we highly recommend considering this one-of-a-kind ergonomic office chair for your workspace.

6. HAG Capisco Puls Office chair For Back Problem

hag capisco puls office chair for back problem

The HAG Capisco Puls is a unique and innovative chair that promotes proper posture and healthy movement throughout the day. Its hollowed-out plastic seat base naturally encourages you to sit with your thighs forward, shifting your weight onto your feet and lower pelvis, while the gently curved backrest provides excellent support for your spine as tested (Research).

What sets the Capisco apart is its reversible design, allowing you to sit normally or rotate the chair and use it saddle-style. This option is beneficial for those who experience backaches from sitting in one position for extended periods. The T-shaped backrest can serve as an armrest in this configuration.

The chair offers a 200mm gas lift, making it suitable for regular workstations, standing desks, and bar tables. It provides controls for seat height and depth, dynamic tilt, and an adjustable backrest, ensuring you find a comfortable sitting position. Moreover, you can customize your Capisco chair by choosing from various pneumatic lift heights, saddle seats, footrings, headrests, colors, and fabric options.

The HAG Capisco Puls encourages active sitting, which has been proven beneficial for treating and preventing back pain, according to studies. Its minimalist appearance and strong lumbar support make it a standout choice for those seeking a modern and functional office chair.

While the design may be an acquired taste for some, the Capisco’s saddle seat concept is popular among medical professionals and other workplaces, especially those with standing workstations. It offers versatility, comfort, and the ability to adjust from a low sitting posture to a sit-stand position.

Overall, the HAG Capisco Puls is an excellent option for individuals with back problems who desire an ergonomic chair that supports healthy sitting habits. Its unique design and adaptability make it a standout choice for modern home offices, setting your workspace on the cutting edge of style and functionality.

7. M90 Ergonomic Office Chair Upper Back Pain

m90 ergonomic office chair upper back pain

The Sihoo M90D is a strong contender worth considering. While it may not have the high-end finish of executive chairs, its functionality, and affordability make it a practical choice as tested.

The Sihoo M90D offers adjustable lumbar support, which impressed us during testing. Even their more budget-friendly models provide non-adjustable lumbar support and good overall support for the price. The chair’s breathable mesh back adds to the comfort, ensuring you stay cool and supported throughout your workday.

In terms of adjustability, the M90D offers several options. You can customize the back support, headrest, armrests, height, and tilt to find the most comfortable and ergonomic sitting position for you. During testing, we found that though the seat depth is not adjustable, the chair’s other features allow you to make the necessary adjustments recommended by health experts.

See the picture below of our first-hand experience.

view of m90 ergonomic office chair upper back pain our unboxing package arrival home office

While the finish may not match that of more expensive designer chairs, the M90D still looks the part and provides a fantastic level of comfort and support. For its price point, it delivers exceptional lower back support, making it a worthwhile investment for those dealing with upper back pain.

Assembly is required, and it may take some time to build the chair. However, considering the affordability and the strong ergonomics it offers, it’s a minor inconvenience. If you’re on a budget and need an ergonomic office chair for upper back pain relief, the Sihoo M90D is definitely worth considering. Keep an eye on stock availability to grab this excellent chair at a great price.

FAQs: Best Office Chair For Back Pain UK

  1. Can office chairs help back pain?

    Yes, ergonomic office chairs can be helpful in preventing and relieving back pain. If you already have back discomfort, it’s best to consult a doctor and consider a different chair to address any underlying issues. Health professionals emphasize the importance of using a suitable chair to maintain good posture, especially as we spend extended periods sitting at our computers.
    Dr. Amy Hoover, a physiotherapist of company pvolve, highlights the significance of a chair that supports the natural curve in the lower back, reducing stress on the spine and promoting better alignment from the lower back to the head. Lyndsay Hirst, a physiotherapist and Pilates specialist, emphasizes the importance of a proper chair setup to support the natural curves of the spine and shoulders. Armrests are beneficial for those with neck and mid-spine pain. Additionally, lumbar support is highly advantageous, and an adjustable seat plate, backrest, and arms allow users to customize the chair to their specific needs.

  2. What Are The features of a good Office Chair for back pain?

    When looking for an office chair to alleviate back pain, consider these beneficial ergonomic characteristics. The ability to adjust the chair to fit your body shape is crucial. Look for chairs with lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and seat depth. Tilt and recline features are also essential for proper support.
    According to James Crow, a posture expert, the best office chair for back pain is highly adjustable, allowing the backrest to provide meaningful support. It’s essential not to compromise on the chair’s quality, just like we wouldn’t with a mattress or a car. If you’ve had your chair for over a decade, it’s time to upgrade as the materials deteriorate with time, particularly the seat cushioning.

  3. What is lumbar support?

    The Lumbar refers to the lower back, which naturally curves inward. Lumbar support in an office chair can be either an attachment or a built-in feature that aligns with your lower back, maintaining its natural curve. This is vital because when you sit, your lower back is under significant stress, being sandwiched between your upper torso and buttocks. The strain on your lumbar is 1.5 times higher while sitting than standing and twice as high as when walking. Without proper support, the strain can lead to stiffness and injuries like slipped discs. Lumbar support acts like support beams in a building, absorbing the strain and protecting your lower back from stress and injury as stated by Chongsu Lee physiotherapist. Choosing a chair with adequate lumbar support is essential for maintaining a healthy and comfortable posture while seated.

  4. What is the correct way to Sit On An Office Chair?

    The correct way to sit on an office chair is essential for maintaining good posture and preventing aches and pains. According to Innerbody Research, health experts recommend that your knees should be slightly lower than your hips while sitting. Also, ensure that your feet are flat on the floor or supported by a footrest. Avoid crossing your legs as it can lead to posture-related discomfort.
    An adjustable chair with features like tilt, height, and recline is beneficial as it allows you to customize the support for your lower back. When using a keyboard, position your chair so that your wrists and hands are in a straight line with the floor to reduce strain on your wrists and hands.

How We Test

At our testing facility, we have a rigorous process for evaluating office chairs for back pain. We begin by examining the chair’s ergonomic features, focusing on lumbar support, adjustable armrests, seat depth, and tilt options. Our team of experts then sits in the chairs for extended periods to assess their comfort and support. We pay close attention to how well the chair maintains the natural curve of the lower back and promotes proper posture.

Additionally, we consider the chair’s build quality, materials, and overall design. We conduct user feedback surveys to gather insights from real users about their experience with the chair. Our comprehensive testing approach ensures that we recommend only the best office chairs that effectively alleviate and prevent back pain for users.

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