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This article top of best reclining office chairs with footrest in the UK is written by ergonomic experts.

In today’s fast-paced world, where most of us spend extended hours working or gaming in front of a desk, choosing the right office chair is crucial for our comfort and overall well-being. It becomes even more important when you work from home, as your home office chair becomes your constant companion during work hours. That’s where the need for a reclining office chair with a footrest comes in.

Having a reclining office chair not only adds a touch of luxury to your workspace but also offers numerous health and productivity benefits. One of the primary advantages is its impact on posture. With ergonomic features like a supportive backrest and headrest, a reclining chair encourages a balanced sitting position, reducing the risk of developing neck and back issues.

Personally, after using a reclining office chair with a footrest for several weeks, I can vouch for the difference it made. Not only did it boost my job enthusiasm by allowing me to take short breaks and stretch, but it also improved my productivity. The ability to lean back and put my feet up for a while while working allowed me to maintain focus and stay energized.

In the UK, where finding a suitable reclining office chair may seem challenging, there are still some excellent options available. By choosing a well-designed and comfortable chair, you can significantly enhance your comfort and productivity at work. Additionally, combining a reclining chair with a standing desk that can be adjusted in height can provide you with the flexibility to switch between sitting and standing positions, further boosting your energy levels.

Let’s look at our first-hand experiences alongside recent buyer’s review sayings.

Best Reclining Office Chair With Footrest UK: Tried and Tested

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Reclining Office ChairsBuyer Satisfaction RatingsRecline Tilt AngleStores
Comfortable Chair With Footrest
88%90 to 126View Low Price Offer
Ergonomic With Footrest84%90 to 135View Low Price Offer
 Executive Adjustable With Footrest78%90 to 135View Low Price Offer
Leather Big And Tall With Footrest80%90 to 135View Low Price Offer
Mesh Ergonomic With Footrest
88%90 to 130View Low Price Offer
Fully Reclining With Footrest
88%90 to 180View Low Price Offer
 Home Office Stylish Ergonomic With Footrest90 to 165View Low Price Offer
Cheap Reclining With Footrest UK88%90 to 115View Low Price Offer

1. Reclining Comfortable Office Chair With Footrest

reclining comfortable office chair with footrest

Update: out of stock

In the past, I used non-reclining executive chairs at our offices and did homework, but they didn’t provide the support I needed and kept me erect. So, I decided to replace my old chair and gave this comfortable reclining chair a try because of its good ratings. When I received the chair, I was impressed with its packaging and build quality. The assembly process was simple, and the manufacturer’s online video was helpful. Once assembled, the chair felt more durable and of higher quality than my previous ones. I can recline it from 90° to 126°.

The chair’s ergonomic design is excellent. With the lumbar support and adjustable features, I found the perfect seated position, promoting better posture. I was initially worried about the chair’s height as it was not for people over 6 feet tall, but after adjustments, it turned out to be just right. Though I mostly use the chair in an upright position, I appreciate the added reclining capability. It’s great to take a break and use the footrest, especially during lunch breaks while watching tennis.

view of reclining comfortable office chair with footrest our unboxing package arrival home office

One feature I loved about this chair is its mesh material, providing more comfort than leather or imitation leather, especially on hot days. Even after four months of heavy use, the chair remains stable and the wheels glide smoothly. The company’s customer service was excellent, promptly addressing any concerns and sending replacements for damaged parts.

Using this chair for an average of 8 hours a day for four months has significantly improved my work environment. I have fewer back and hip problems, and I feel more focused and productive.

Overall, this comfortable reclining office desk chair with Footrest offers good support.

2. Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair With Footrest

reclining ergonomic office chair with footrest

Talking about this ergonomic office chair with footrest, as tested. The assembly was a breeze, and it took me only 20 minutes to put it together using the provided tool and clear instructions. The chair looks stylish and feels comfortable, offering excellent value for money.

One of the best things about this chair is its comfort. We can recline it from 90° to 135°.

The thick and well-cushioned seat makes sitting for extended periods easy. However, I found the backrest cushion a little thin compared to the pictures, and the lumbar region was too pronounced, causing me to lean forward slightly. Nevertheless, it’s still quite comfy, and the faux leather material adds a premium touch to the overall feel.

The base of the chair is sturdy, look metallic. The armrests are thick and comfortable, and I appreciated the spare castor and screws included in case of any future needs. The lowering lever is strong and sturdy, with a dampened sound, making it feel high-quality.

One buyer explains: After using the chair for over four years, it’s held up pretty well, considering I weigh around 17 stone. It served me well for its price, I decided to upgrade to a more premium chair with better materials and build quality.

Overall, the Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair with Footrest is a decent chair for its price. It provides satisfactory comfort and support for general use.

3. Executive Adjustable Reclining Computer Office Chair With Footrest

executive adjustable reclining computer office chair with footrest

Moving on to the executive ergonomic computer reclining office chair with a footrest, the chair was easy to assemble, and it looked good. The footrest was a nice addition, providing extra comfort and relaxation when needed. During the initial period of use, the chair felt comfortable and supportive for regular work sessions. The customer service was exceptional when I encountered a faulty gas rod, and they promptly offered solutions and a refund.

view of executive adjustable reclining computer office chair with footrest our unboxing package arrival home office

However, as time went on, I noticed that the padding started to flatten, making the chair uncomfortable for extended sitting sessions. The backrest felt too firm, causing discomfort and, in some cases, back pain after spending more than two hours in the chair. The chair’s overall durability was also an issue; some users reported issues with broken bolts, arms, and attachments within a short period, affecting the chair’s sturdiness and longevity.

Though the chair had some useful features and decent comfort, it may not be worth its price tag in the long run due to these durability and comfort issues. If you’re looking for a temporary and budget-friendly option, this chair could be suitable. However, if you want a more long-lasting and ergonomic solution, it might be worth considering other options with better durability and padding.

4. Leather Big and Tall Reclining Office Chair With Footrest

leather big and tall reclining office chair with footrest

Sharing the testing experience, this leather big and tall reclining office chair with a footrest, it’s a good office chair with some notable advantages and disadvantages. Let me share my experience with you.

The assembly process was a breeze; it was very easy to put together, and the chair looked great once assembled. It’s a sturdy chair that can support larger individuals, which is a plus. The backrest incline feature is impressive, providing good support for the back, and the chair’s height is also adjustable, catering to different preferences. However, I did wish the seat reclined a bit more, and the footrest could be extended further out for enhanced comfort during reclining.

Additionally, some users found the chair too firm, especially for extended periods of sitting, and the lower leg rest couldn’t be adjusted to avoid obstruction when retracted.

Despite these shortcomings, the chair does offer decent back support and is suitable for average office use. It’s easy to clean and has good overall quality. If you’re looking for a sturdy and adjustable chair for occasional use, this product could be a good fit. However, if you’re someone who spends long hours at the computer, you may want to consider other options that prioritize comfort over firmness.

5. Mesh Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair With Footrest

mesh reclining ergonomic office chair with footrest

After researching and comparing various options, I settled on this mesh ergonomic office chair with a footrest, which has proven to be a great budget-friendly choice. I can recline it from 90° to 130°.

The assembly process was straightforward and took me less than 15 minutes. The chair feels solid and well-built, with heavy and wide legs, ensuring durability and stability. The mesh back is a pleasant surprise, providing comfortable and cool support compared to traditional leather-backed chairs.

The chair offers many adjustable features. The armrests, made of a tough pliable material, can be adjusted in height, width, and angle, providing adequate support for the arms and forearms. The seat padding is thick and medium-firm, offering excellent comfort during long hours of sitting. The headrest is contoured and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, making it comfortable for resting.

One of the appreciable features is the adjustable lumbar support, which can be moved up and down and tightened to provide the perfect level of support for the lower back. The reclining function is also well-designed, offering three positions, including a comfortable rocking option. The up/down adjustment of the chair works smoothly and maintains its position without slowly lowering over time.

Overall, The lumbar support and headrest have significantly reduced back and neck discomfort, promoting better posture. The adjustable armrests, reclining features, and comfortable seat padding make it a joy to sit on for extended periods.

6. Hironpal Fully Reclining office chair With Footrest

fully reclining office chair with footrest

if you as a UK-based remote worker, this fully reclining office chair with a footrest has positive reviews. I can recline it fully to 180°.

First, let’s talk about the positives. The ordering and delivery process went smoothly, and the assembly was quite straightforward, taking me around 20-30 minutes. The chair feels sturdy, and I appreciate the quality of the materials used.

As a desk chair, it offers excellent support and comfort. The seat and back cushions are very comfortable, and I haven’t experienced any aches or pains during long working hours. I particularly like the adjustable head/neck cushion. The height of the chair is perfect for my 5’9″ frame. However, the armrests feel a bit low for me, but that might just be a personal preference.

When it comes to using it as a chilling chair, it’s a winner! Reclining and using the footrest provided a super comfortable experience. The footstool is easy to use, though it’s not exactly a traditional footstool, more like a support for my calves. The chair itself has a solid metal construction, so it feels robust.

7. Cheap Reclining office chair With Footrest UK

cheap reclining office chair with footrest uk

The chair strikes a good balance between comfort and sturdiness, making it a reliable option for long hours of sitting. The ergonomic design with a mesh back keeps me cool during extended work sessions, and the adjustable lumbar support and headrest ensure a personalized and comfortable experience.

What impressed me the most was the chair’s sturdy build. It feels solid and stable, even when I recline or adjust the height. The smooth-rolling casters make movement effortless, and the adjustable armrests add to the overall comfort. Assembly was straightforward, and the included instructions were clear and helpful.

While the chair has many positive attributes, there are a couple of areas for improvement. The seat cushion could use additional padding for better comfort during long sitting sessions. Similarly, the armrests, while adjustable, could be more cushioned to enhance the overall experience.

Overall, this cheap ergonomic reclining office chair is a comfortable and sturdy option for the price. With a few minor improvements, it could become an even better choice for extended office use. If you’re on a budget and looking for a reliable reclining office chair with a footrest, this one is definitely worth considering.

8. Home Office Ergonomic Office Chair With Footrest

home office ergonomic office chair with footrest

The first thing I noticed was the long-lasting comfort it provides. The wide and ergonomic back, filled with a high-density sponge cushion and covered in premium imitation synthetic leather, feels soft and supportive. Plus, it’s water-resistant, making it more durable than regular chairs. The chair is designed to ease any pains from extended sitting, and the footrest adds an extra level of relaxation.

What impressed me the most is the chair’s sturdy and robust build. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds and features an integrated metal frame and a safety SGS LANT gas cylinder. It’s like a racing gaming chair but with the functionality of an ergonomic office chair. I can recline it from 90° to 165° for working or napping, and the 20°-controllable rocking is great for relaxation. The 360° swivel and casters make mobility a breeze, and the adjustable seat height accommodates all body types.

Assembly was a breeze with the simple instructions provided. I had it put together in just 15 minutes, thanks to the numbered components and clear instructions. It was a hassle-free experience, and I appreciate the thoughtful design.

While I have a lot of praise for this ergonomic chair, I did notice a few shortcomings. For taller individuals, the footrest might not fully support their legs. Also, imitation leather, while high-quality, may not have the same luxurious feel as real leather.

Overall, this Home Office Ergonomic Office Chair with Footrest has significantly improved my working experience.

How We Test

We put the Best Reclining Office Chair with Footrest in the UK through a thorough and practical testing process. First, we researched and made a list of popular chairs with ergonomic features and positive customer feedback. Then, we physically examined and compared each chair to assess its build quality, materials, and stability. Next, we tested the chairs for comfort during extended periods of sitting, paying attention to the padding, lumbar support, and footrest adjustability. We also checked how easy it was to assemble the reclining and rocking mechanisms. Gathering user feedback, we analyzed the chairs’ overall value for money. Through this rigorous testing procedure, we determined the top-performing and most comfortable reclining office chair with footrest in the UK.

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