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This article on the topic best office chair with heat and massage in the UK is written by ergonomic experts.

Seeking a solution to address discomfort and decreased productivity concerns, I embarked on a thorough search for the perfect office chair, and after weeks of testing and trying various options, I found the ultimate solution in the Massage Office Chairs.

The Massage Office Chairs stood out among the rest due to its innovative kneading and rolling shiatsu motion, providing a full-length massage experience throughout the backrest and seat. This feature, along with the convenience of remote control and an additional heat mode option, made it our top pick. In our evaluation, we prioritized essential characteristics such as massage functionality, ease of use, adaptability, support, and materials.

Recognizing the significance of massage capabilities for relieving tension and promoting relaxation, we aimed to offer a diverse range of choices. Our selection included chairs targeting the lower lumbar region specifically and those offering comprehensive massage treatment across the entire chair. Remote control for the massage elements was another crucial aspect that we took into account.

Through extensive research, we have handpicked some of the finest office chairs and accessories equipped with built-in massage technology to aid you in your quest for a healthier work environment.

In the upcoming reviews, we will delve into some of the best massaging office chairs currently available. These chairs are not only efficient but also reasonably priced, making them accessible to a wider audience.

So, let’s look at our first-hand experience review with heat massage office chairs alongside the buyer’s sayings.

Best Office Chair With Heat And Massage At A Glance

Office ChairsBuyer Satisfaction RatingsStores
Heat And Vibrating Massage Chair
90%Low Price offer
6-Point Heat And Massage86%Low Price Offer
Lumbar-Focus Padded Heat And Massage84%Low Price Offer
 Computer Desk Heated & Massage Ergonomic86%Low Price Offer
Faux Leather 6-Point Heat And Massage80%Low Price Offer
ELFORDSON Heat And Massage Office Chair78%Low Price Offer
Heated Seat Cushion Office Chair88%Low Price Offer
Executive Heat Massage Chair With Footrest82%Low Price Offer

Massage Points & Functions

One of the first things I looked into was how many body parts the chair could actually massage. It turned out to be a crucial consideration because the number of massage spots determined the overall effectiveness of the chair. Some chairs offered as few as four massage spots, while others boasted an impressive ten or twelve. I knew that I wanted a chair that targeted my entire back, especially the lower back area, which tends to ache after long hours of sitting.

Now to know what exactly these massage points could do? Some chairs offered a variety of options, with five or six massage speeds, along with different modes like Shiatsu massage, spot therapy, and kneading. I preferred a chair with multiple massage modes to suit my varying needs throughout the day. This way, I could customize my massage experience based on how I felt at any given moment.

Along with enhancing comfort and relieving tired muscles, some techniques even promoted better blood flow. Additionally, I discovered that a chair equipped with a heating feature could further enhance the massage experience, easing any muscular tension.

Ergonomics And Ease Of Use

In my search for the perfect chair, I prioritized user-friendliness, ensuring that it didn’t become a hindrance to productivity. A massage chair should be easy to use, with a remote control that allows quick adjustments without interrupting work. It’s essential to consider the ease of changing batteries and the functionality of buttons, making sure they don’t add unnecessary complexity to the chair’s operation.

However, I also realized that massage capabilities should not overshadow the importance of ergonomic design. Even with massage features, a chair must offer sufficient support to prevent back pain during extended sitting sessions. It should provide adjustable features like seat height, seat tilt, armrests, and lumbar support, promoting a natural and comfortable sitting posture. In my experience, ergonomic adjustments were crucial in maintaining my focus and productivity throughout the day.

While massage features may offer relief for a sore back, I learned that built-in lumbar support in an ergonomic office chair could prevent back discomfort and fatigue. This feature is especially valuable for extended periods of sitting, offering consistent support and comfort. Chairs with supportive backrests and seats became my top choices as they addressed my need for both massage capabilities and proper lumbar support.

Best Office Chair With Heat And Massage: Tried and Tested

Why you can trust Best Ergonomic Office Chairs UK: Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

1. Heat And Vibrating Massage Office Chair

heat and vibrating massage office chair

As someone from the United Kingdom, I recently got my hands on the Heat And Vibrating Massage Office Chair, and I must say, it has been a mixed experience. Let’s start with the positives. The chair itself is incredibly comfortable, providing excellent support for both my back and neck. I particularly love the footrest, which adds to the overall relaxation. The assembly was relatively easy and took me around 20 minutes to complete. See the picture below.

view of heat and vibrating massage office chair our unboxing package arrival home office

Looking into the features, the chair offers various massage functions that can be controlled via a remote. The massage functionality is not bad as per the paying price, but it could be improved. The chair’s massage pillow worked as a gentle vibrating cushion, providing a relaxing experience when desired.

Overall, the Heat And Vibrating Massage Office Chair offers comfort and some massage capabilities, but it falls short in terms of long-term durability and extreme usability.

2. 6-point Heat And Massage Office Chair

6 point heat and massage office chair

Let’s start with the positives. The 6-point heat and massage office chair is incredibly comfortable to sit in, and I absolutely love the massage function. The vibrating massage feature is simply amazing, providing a soothing and relaxing experience.

The assembly process was relatively straightforward, and the chair arrived on time with all the necessary parts. I appreciate that the seller responded quickly.

The lumbar support on this chair is excellent, and it provides ample lower back support, which is a huge plus for me during long hours of work. The overall design and build quality are impressive, and the chair feels sturdy and durable.

Overall, the Heat And Vibrating Massage Office Chair has been a good addition to my workspace. It’s incredibly comfortable, offers excellent lumbar support, and the massage feature is a real treat after a long day of work. I would definitely recommend this chair for its comfort and value for money.

3. Lumbar-focused Extra Padded Heat And Massage Office Chair

lumbar focused extra padded heat and massage office chair

After several weeks of testing of lumbar focused extra padded heat and massage office chair, I can confidently say that my experience has been quite positive. I was initially worried about the mixed reviews, but after nearly a year of use, this chair has proven to be a reliable and comfortable addition to my office space.

Assembly of the chair was a breeze, taking only a few minutes. The reclining function, which some reviewers had concerns about, worked perfectly for me, and adjusting the back position was simple. I also found it easy to use the chair’s features, including the vibration and heat functions. While the massage may not be a deep tissue experience, it does provide a relaxing and soothing sensation, especially when combined with gentle heat.

view of lumbar focused extra padded heat and massage office chair our unboxing package arrival home office

I must say, the chair is impressively padded, despite a few reviews suggesting otherwise. It provides ample support and comfort during extended hours of work. The plush fabric adds to the overall luxury feel of the chair, and I appreciate the softness it offers.

Also, it’s worth noting that the headrest fits me perfectly.

4. Computer Desk Heated And Massage Ergonomic Office Chair

computer desk heated and massage ergonomic office chair

Moving on to the computer desk heated and massage ergonomic office chair, The chair is really comfortable and provides excellent support for my back. The reclining feature is fantastic, and when combined with the footstool, I can even lay down and relax while watching TV or videos.

Assembling the chair was straightforward, thanks to the picture-diagram instructions. The chair feels sturdy, and the material seems of good quality.

A pleasant surprise was the USB massage pillow that came with the chair. It’s a nice feature that helps ease tension in my back during long work sessions.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this chair and hope it will last for a long time. The three-year after-sales service from the seller is also reassuring. I definitely recommend this chair, especially for the comfort and affordability it offers.

Although the chair is comfortable and well-built, a more quick adjustment makes it more better.

5. Faux Leather 6 point Heat And Massage Office Chair

faux leather 6 point heat and massage office chair

After testing this Faux Leather 6 Point Heat And Massage Office Chair, and overall, it’s been a mixed experience. The chair arrived requiring assembly, and it was relatively easy to put together, taking me about 10 minutes.

The massage and heat settings are a nice bonus, although the massage function feels more like vibrations. The heat function that I expect more from it.

The chair itself is comfortable and sturdy. The high back and slight lumbar support make it great for extended periods of sitting.

The fabric is soft and has a worn suede effect, which adds to its appeal. The chair also comes with a footrest, which is a nice feature.

In terms of the massage function and heating feature, there is room for improvement. While the chair offers good value for its price, it might not be the best choice if you’re looking for a moderate massage experience.

6. 8-point ELFORDSON Heat And Massage Office Chair

8 point elfordson heat and massage office chair

After testing, the 8-Point ELFORDSON Heat And Massage Office Chair, we had a bit of a mixed experience.

Firstly, the delivery was fast and hassle-free, and the product arrived in pristine condition. Assembling the chair was relatively easy and straightforward.

The massage and heat functions were one of the main reasons I chose this chair, but unfortunately, I found them to be underwhelming. The massage function was not very powerful, and the heat pad didn’t provide the level of warmth I was hoping for.

The seat of the chair was not very comfortable due to the massaging elements protruding through the seat, causing some discomfort and pain, especially during extended periods of sitting. This was quite disappointing, as I was hoping for better support and comfort, especially considering that I purchased this chair to help with my arthritis in the legs and back.

One of the other issues I encountered was with the footrest, which was not easy to pull out, especially for someone with shoulder problems. Additionally, the footrest made the front of the chair top-heavy, leading to a slight imbalance.

One buyer states, the armrests also turned out to be loose, and the padding lost its shape and comfort in no time, making it less suitable for prolonged use. For me I was ok.

On a positive note, the chair has a nice appearance, and the black color looks sleek and stylish.

Overall, while the 8-Point ELFORDSON Heat And Massage Office Chair has some attractive features, it fell short in terms of comfort and functionality.

7. Heated Seat Cushion office chair

heated seat cushion office chair

Let’s start with the positives. The heated seat cushion office chair is packed with features, and the quality for the price is quite impressive. Assembling the chair was relatively easy, and I managed to do it on own. The chair has a comfortable and wide seat space, providing excellent head, lumbar, and arm support. The reclining feature is great, and the footrest adds to the overall comfort.

The massage feature works well as we tested and the footrest feels ok especially at positions other than full recline. The chair is comfortable.

Durability has been a concern, as the chair started feeling wobbly after just four months of use as buyer stated. The base frame underneath the seat cracked along the welding on both sides, which is disappointing, as the chair is designed to recline, and the structure shouldn’t have compromised so easily. This raised concerns about the longevity of the chair.

On the plus side, the chair is comfortable, especially for long hours of work or gaming, and the easy assembly is a definite plus. However, it’s essential to consider the potential durability issues and the limitations of the massage feature before making a decision.

8. Executive Heat Massage Office Chair With Footrest

executive heat massage office chair with footrest

I’ve tested the Executive Heat Massage Office Chair with Footrest, and it has been a mixed experience.

The chair is very comfortable, and the heating and massage features add to the overall comfort, especially on cold mornings. The look of the chair is quite appealing, and it fits well in my vintage-themed room. Assembling the chair was ok with the instructions, once built, it feels sturdy and reliable.

However, the heating works better but isn’t a game-changer. The footrest is a nice addition.

The chair’s build quality raises some concerns. One user reported a loud bang or crack coming from somewhere below the seat, and the assembly required three hands to connect the back to the seat. Additionally, the lack of a locking mechanism for the reclining feature is a significant drawback, making it challenging to find a comfortable position without constant pressure.

Another user experienced a structural issue with the mounting area for the piston brace, resulting in a fractured chipboard, making the chair unusable without propping it against a wall. This raises questions about the chair’s long-term durability.

On the positive side, the fabric feels good, and the overall design of the chair is clean and smooth. It fits well for users of different sizes, and the chair’s appearance is attractive.

How We Test

At our testing facility, we take a thorough approach to evaluating office chairs with heat and massage to ensure they meet the highest standards of effectiveness and user satisfaction. Our team carefully examines every aspect of the chair’s construction, from materials to build quality, ensuring it is sturdy and durable. We conduct extensive tests on the heating element, ensuring it functions efficiently and safely without any hotspots. The massage feature is assessed for its different modes and intensity levels to cater to various user preferences. Real individuals spend extended periods in the chair, providing valuable feedback on its support, comfort, and usability. Stress tests are also performed to assess the chair’s structural integrity. Only after comprehensive evaluation and user feedback do we confidently recommend an office chair with heat and massage to our customers.

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